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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

-Victor Hugo

In every culture on earth, we have some kind of music. Its a universal language that we can all speak and as Victor Hugo beautifully put it, it expresses that which cannot be said. For us to be able to express that kind of emotion, we need to to practice. A lot.

If you have ever asked a more experienced musician about the long hours they put in before they could execute a spectacular performance, very few say they have always enjoyed every minute in the practice room. Practicing can often feel frustrating, isolating and even boring because we are all taught what to practice in our lessons, but not exactly how to practice.

          Our mission is to empower, motivate and equip our customers with the skills needed for success by creating an online community of practicers and practice buddies , one online practice hour at a time.


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(William Shakespeare 1864, Part I, Book II, Chapter I)


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